Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Smarter Baby Bottle Campaign

Guest Blogger: John Ashford, Executive Director of the Pregnancy Resource Center in Naples, FL.

The ultimate: a bottle full of quarters
The bummer: a bottle full of pennies
The average: a bottle full of random change, pocket lint, buttons, and the occasional euro or Canadian quarter.

The baby bottle boomerang has become a standard and profitable enterprise for PRCs all over the country.  The typical pitch is a story  of a life transformed and an invitation to partner with the center by filling the baby bottle with change to keep the amazing work going.

Nice, vague and nebulous, but nice none the less.

People tip to things that are nice.  But I believe that The PRC ministry is worthy of more than the tip of spare change.  The PRC ministry by the grace of God (in a very David and Goliath scene) is stemming the tide of innocent blood.  As leaders, our hearts are broken for those yet to be born, and we want to truly mobilize the community into action.  To accomplish this we need to be S.M.A.R.T. about our baby bottle approach:

Specific: what does one baby bottle represent?  For our PRC, one baby bottle is one life saved through our ultrasound program.
Measurable: 80% of abortion minded women choose life when they see and hear their baby for the first time on an ultrasound.  One ultrasound costs $28.00.
Actionable: You can save a life by providing the resources  for one ultrasound
Reliable: Please fill the baby bottle with $28.00 (you will get more cash and raise your per bottle average as many will round up to $30.00)
Traceable: A check for $28.00 provides these vital resources (a check builds your donor base and those that give, give again)

This method is not the “right” way, just one way that regularly produces good results.

Have a great day and know that the Lord our God lives.