Monday, October 10, 2011

Care Net Conference

I find myself looking forward to the Care Net Conference all year. There is no other week in the life of Keener Marketing that gives me so much time to interact with you - our heart and soul. We love hearing what is going on in your centers and in your hearts and catching up on what God is doing through you.

I feel so blessed to be invited to participate in such a meaningful gathering of God's army. You guys are truly inspirational. We were honestly over-whelmed by all the nice things you had to say about us. Your enthusiasm and joy make our job an absolute pleasure. I came home recharged and ready to tackle another year of creating materials to make your work more effective. What an honor to be partners with you as you tackle this mission field in every corner of our great nation.

Thanks for all the kind words you had to say and for telling your friends about us. Nothing makes us happier than to heart that something we did was a part of making your center more successful. If you want to share your encouragement with the rest of our staff that didn't get to hear it face-to-face, post it here as a comment or leave a review on RatePoint or Yelp.


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